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Weekly Meetings

are held Wednesdays at noon at the Shenvalee Golf Resort located at 9660 Fairway Drive in New Market.
These luncheon meetings feature a guest speaker.

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Welcome to the Rotary Club of New Market, Virginia


We serve the community and surrounding areas of New Market, Virginia with a variety of service projects and fundraisers that directly benefit our home area. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our club and how you, too, can get involved by making New Market a stronger community.
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Our Hometown

is located in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, New Market is famously known for the civil war battle fought here in 1864. But there is much much more to this quaint little town.

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a night out at the Woodstock Brew House

The Rotary Club of New Market recently enjoyed a night out at the Woodstock Brew House. In a recent change to our meeting format we are now meeting at a local restaurant once a month in lieu of a formal meeting. This enables more social interaction among our members in a relaxed atmosphere and quite frankly more fun! Our recent "meeting" was no exception and also allowed us to meet the Rotary Club of Woodstock who was also present. Come on out and enjoy the fun."”


In anticipation of President's Day Mr. George Daugharty, CPA, gave a fascinating presentation "The Significancy of George Washington." As Mr. Daugharty expertly pointed out that George Washington not only served as our Commander-in-Chief during the American Revolution but his ability to forge and maintain our American Democracy with his unique talents as our first Chief Executive. Only through his keen insight and appointment of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, who held opposite political viewpoints, was our nascent nation able to survive and prosper. Washington stepped down as our President after two terms following the model of the Roman farmer Cincinnatus who was Twice granted supreme power, but he held on to it for not a day longer than absolutely necessary and consistently demonstrated great honor and integrity. It was GREAT to have George as our guest today and we look forward with eager anticipation to his return.

The Rotary Club of New Market recently inducted its newest member, Mr. Rod Nielsen (pictured left), who has indicated he values "Service Above Self" and is looking forward to serving the local community. Like many of us Rod is a "transplant" from Northern Virgina and as a retired Certified Public Accountant. Rod was sponsored by Mr. "Skip" Constable (pictured center) who awarded Rod his Rotary Pin and Mr. Peter Hughes (pictured right) administered the oath of office. Rod is a most welcomed addition to our club, and we look forward to his friendship and service.

The Rotary Club of New Market had the pleasure of hearing from our past President Mr. Jerry Biller who provided us with an overview of Edward Jone's economic forecast for the current year. Jerry is a financial advisor for Edward Jones and for years has one of the stalwarts of the New Market Club. As Jerry pointed out, it important as an investor to understand the level of risk, you're comfortable accepting when investing in order to balance it with the steps necessary to reach your long-term goals. Jerry’s prognosis for the future is “cautiously optimistic” due to the Presidential primaries and subsequent election. It was a pleasure to hear from Jerry and we thank him for all that he has done for our local community. Jerry embodies Rotary International’s motto of “Service Above Self” in all that he does. For more information, please see

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